Becoming Skilled, located at ( 3012CN ) Rotterdam at Weena 690 - 26th floor, Chamber of Commerce number 77838130, legally valid

represented by S.Y.B. from Nispen to Pannerden;


__________, located at ( ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

represented by ;

below also individually "party" or jointly “parties” mentioned.

Consider the following:

• the parties wish to investigate whether a certain form of cooperation is possible

• this requires access to certain confidential data related to business operations

• this grants permission for inspection, provided that the information will be treated confidentially

Have agreed:

Article 1 - Providing information

1. Agrees to be provided with confidential information by Becoming Skilled, hereinafter referred to as 'information'.

2. The purpose of providing the confidential information mentioned in the previous paragraph is: The information is shared

with the aim of giving a course, training on the job or full outsourcing.

3. The parties record in writing which information by Becoming Skilled in the context of the implementation of this

agreement has been announced.

4. Parties will agree in advance how the information will be provided.

5. The parties will coordinate and execute the provision and receipt of the information in consultation.

Article 2 - Confidentiality

1. undertakes to observe unconditional and irrevocably strict confidentiality regarding all

information provided by Becoming Skilled for the purpose referred to in Article 1 (2).

2. is only entitled to use the information for the purpose for which it is intended.

3. Undertakes to use or otherwise use the information received in any way commercially or otherwise

operate without the express written permission of Becoming Skilled.

4. Furthermore, this information will not sell in whole or in part to third parties or in any other way to the service of third parties

or make available for inspection.

5. Parties undertake to share the information they receive from each other only with those staff members (of themselves

or their subsidiaries), which must be aware of this under the provisions of paragraph 2 of this Article

purpose, but only if these staff members submit themselves in writing to the

parties have committed to secrecy of the information. The names of these staff members will always

be notified in good time.

6. These obligations apply to both parties and any parties engaged or engaged by them in this context

subsidiaries, both current and future. The parties hereby guarantee the strict fulfillment of these obligations

by their subsidiaries. Subsidiaries of the parties are companies in which

parties directly or indirectly own the majority of the issued (share) capital or directly or indirectly control

about the activities of those companies.

Article 3 - Return of documents

1. Becoming Skilled is entitled to decide at any time not to provide further information

and / or to claim any information already provided in writing from ___________.

2. Any use of the information provided to him will immediately cease at the end of this

agreement and the information provided in writing, including the information made thereof

copies, return to Becoming Skilled.

Article 4 - Penance clause

1. After a violation of an obligation of _________ described in Articles 1 to 3, ________ is direct and without summation

or notice of default a due and payable fine of € 10,000 per violation, plus 2% of this amount

for every day that this violation continues. As after violation of the obligations in Articles 1 to 3

the damage suffered for Becoming Skilled is greater than the amount of the fine, is also obliged to pay the additional damage

from Becoming Skilled.

2. Violation of the obligation to maintain secrecy of one of the employees of the parties or of (one of) theirs

subsidiaries are a violation of that party vis-à-vis the parties.

Article 5 - No confidentiality

•The obligations of this agreement will not apply to information received by ____________,

of which he can demonstrate:

• that it was known to before;

• that it was publicly known earlier, or at least previously publicly available;

• that it became publicly known or available - without liability - since the date

where __________ received the relevant information from Becoming Skilled.

Article 6 - Duration of confidentiality

The obligations referred to in Article 2 shall remain in force for a period of 3 years from the date

of signature of this agreement.

Article 7 - Dispute resolution

1. Dutch law applies to this agreement.

2. The Dutch court has jurisdiction to hear all disputes arising from this agreement. All

disputes arising from this agreement are submitted exclusively to the competent court of the Court


Drawn thus:

S.Y.B. from Nispen to Pannerden